May 23, 2022

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10 thoughts on “The Real Reason Why ‘Do We Have A Problem ‘Did Not Go #1

  1. That’s crazy. Who’s in charge of these new policy changes?!? Do they change policies and implement new rules as time goes by and or new technology?

  2. Lol sales are real money that goes into someone’s pockets. But an artist can go number one by having bots and streaming farms stream all day and night and payed DJs playing their song every 30 minutes. The industry is full of crap.

  3. Nicki has a large enough fan base that doesn’t warrant a masquerade buying scheme as mentioned in this story. Why is her fans being that belligerent to get her music to the #1 spot. Allow the number to speak for themselves. She is one of the best rapper ever. What’s there to price at this point?

    I think this billboard charts thing has too much weight and messing up these artists psyche. It is like the billboard will make or break you.

    I remember when songs back in th day would get popular after a WHOLE YEAR it’s been out and they organically climb the chart on the billboard to allow these artist to go on and do well. There wasn’t much fuss with the billboard it was a nice byline back then, but now it’s become a staple that I don’t see any merits to how good or bad a song is.

    At the end of the day, people will like what they like.

  4. So they’re saying that fans buying the song multiple times doesn’t count, but constant bots streaming and payola from radio are admissible for counts? Somebody lying. Maybe they aren’t out against Nicki specifically, but any artist that has the ability to make the industry shake without the huge push of a label.

  5. LMAO their so full of shit. Funny how when it comes to her they checking everything with a fine tooth comb. How tf is streaming more valued than actual sales… lmao it’s BS. Whether its nicki or BTS, it don’t matter. FCK billboard and I hope they keep getting bullied.

  6. The Bruno songs being number 1 makes sense right now. It has been everywhere for weeks. I don’t think she could’ve debuted number 1 over that song. It’s catchy af!

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