May 23, 2022

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8 thoughts on “P.R Diaries 2/14/2022

  1. Reese racist? Hmmm and her husband harassing a woman… for what? Was he sleeping with her? Maybe has info/dirt on him.

  2. Reese played that racist role in that show with Kerry Washington so well because that’s her in real life lol

    Wasn’t it Justin Bieber that was allegedly giving head to Blake griffin in the club and Trey Songz recorded it? Or was that odell Beckham?

      1. Was Odell the one they have on camera with a young Justin b in the club and it looks like Justin was about to give him head?

    1. Because she’s strategically paired with people in photos and she’ll post photos on her page etc… so it appears it’s ridiculous. It was definitely a thing for a while… I think around the time of the net gala when rhi rhi wore either that yellow cape or all white was when Reese was extra about being seen publicly with US.

    2. Because she stays in line and does what she’s told… let her speak against the vaccine mandate… they will put all her racist remarks out there like they did Rogan.

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