May 23, 2022

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24 thoughts on “Spiling Tea on Everybody 2/11/2022

  1. How drake mad at rocky for getting with rih when Drake is notorious for getting with his “homies” chicks and taken women in general? Karma will hit you hard I tell you.

  2. If drake spill him and rih tea he’s gonna look like the bitter ex times 10 cause social media already been clowning him ever since rih announced her pregnancy. It’d be best for him to just take his L and move on.

    The fact that ASAP was upset over drake unfollowing cause or they friendship on top of still giving him props for helping his career says a lot more about where his mentality is at versus where drake mentality is at. It ain’t got nothing to do with violating bro code and everything to do with drake being upset asap got the life he feels he deserves like I’ve always said. The baby mama to be proud of instead of ashamed of.

    Naomi must’ve either really had feelings for that billionaire or she just didn’t like how rih got the girlfriend title and she probably got the rented for a few months title. Cause how you say y’all weren’t dating but you following rih into her new life trying to diss her and warn her man whom she’s had way more history with all cause of a man that ain’t even around anymore, he off with some white woman lol sis was hurt.

    And lastly karrueche had no business going back to Chris anyway, that was god telling her to keep it pushing cause he still moving reckless. It was a sign.

  3. If Adele is smart she will hold off having a baby with Rich Paul. But I know she gonna end up getting pregnant. Then disappointed 🤦🏾‍♀️.

    If Kylie is hiding Travis, that’s not love. That’s not even like. If you really loving him like that, stand on it regardless of his drama. But why even go through all of that when you just had the man’s son. The world knows you have a intimate relationship with him. That baby isn’t a product of immaculate conception. And asking Kanye, of all people, to help with Travis’s legal trouble. She really must be desperate.

    I don’t get ASAP. He may have been free and clear on his side of the Rhianna/Drake relationship, but it’s BEEN clear Drake isn’t. Did he REALLY expect Drake to congratulate him after he knocks up the girl Drake is obsessed with? Make it make sense. ASAP needs to cut his losses with the Drake friendship and move on.

  4. Chris is a deadbeat and the baby is a GIRL
    Naomi no edges needs to mind her own business
    Travis sacrificed his fans so I don’t feel bad for him
    Dani is gonna run back to da narcissistic
    Adele be smart
    Blah blah cardi
    I wonder what project nicki is working on

  5. Adele needs to go to vegas and do the residency. She creeping me out moving too fast.

    Naomi always been a shady lady, she needs to mind her business.

    I have alot of respect for ASAP.

    Drake let his ego get bigger. I was listening to take care the other day and realized he missed out on alot if good women playing games.

    Kylie funny asf. At least she staying low key.

    Ok nicki and 50 im here for that.

    Offset cheating rumors are so late😭

  6. Kudos for upping the grammar game it’s easier to read.
    Drake moves like a scorned women but this is his karma.
    I really hope Adele gets it together and she’s the light before it’s too late

  7. This was good. I had a feeling something was up with Nicki and 50 she keeps shouting him out. Working with him on a project is a good look for her. Megan want that D again. I hope he hooks her up with a role on one of his shows. I use to like Naomi but after I found out how she was getting girls for maxwell and Epstein I’m cool on her shady ass. She needs to leave rhianna alone. Now Dani needs to leave wack ass da baby alone. He ain’t shit and if I was her family I would cut her off if she goes back to him. If I was her brother I would fuck him up for real next time and he better come with back up this time.

      1. Right, but his baby mama’s are getting younger. Ammika is in her late twenties and this girl is in her early twenties. But that Ammika chick seems off mentally, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she don’t be tryna start shyt with that girl.

  8. Drake must’ve thought he was exempt from bad karma. I wonder how the elites feel about Rihanna and ASAP being together.

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