May 23, 2022

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12 thoughts on “Hot Takes 2/9/2022

  1. Hold up Jada Pinkett thought she was preggo?
    Kanye cracks me up yo ! “including Corey” lolol
    Isaiah must be BI then? Didnt he hook up with SZA in the past? Twitter was saying he may have leaked it himself?
    Idk why celebrities even do this kind of shit if it can possibly be leaked to the world. Scary AF!
    This was Tea 🫖

  2. Bob saget was probably killed because he was a pedophile
    Madonna isn’t god so idk why ppl are scared of her
    Coincidence how after snoop dog’s mom “passes away he gets the rights to death row 🤔

  3. What does Madonna have to do with Nelly uploading porn? Karma at its best, but Madonna didn’t have anything to do with that

  4. This whole bod saget death is weird and head trauma don’t even make any sense. Did he get beat up? Somebody lying

  5. Look, say what you want about Zendaya but that girls deserves all the awards applicable for the role she plays in Euphoria! She plays that addict role perfectly and truly makes you feel what she’s going through IMHO

  6. I always see peole saying Zendaya deserves her Emmy. But it was paid for and she won during the height of the BLM protest bc she was the closest thing to being black. People saying she deserves all the awards don’t know acting clearly. And are you ever going to spil her tea? Her connection with H. Weinstein or does she have really good lawyers?

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