May 23, 2022

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7 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Bruno Mars Part 2

  1. I am not going to lie, in my opinion, Bruno looks like he had a very dark side to him.

    That is embrassing that your supposed boyfriend would put another woman on his social media and praise her, but you were with him many years and have not posted you once on his social media. What is even more embrassing that many people do not know you are his girlfriend. I remember that Jessica’s post was on the shaderoom, and many people did not know they were together. I think at that time, they were together five years. Now, if this Jessica chick is in the industry (I went to her IG and seen those one eye pics), I’d she had to do a humiliation ritual, that was humiliating enough.Then again, Jessica was allegedly the side chick when he was with his ex, Chanel.

    Cardi and Offset seems to be doing good, so more power to them. I can see then as a power couple down the line. I have heard of by about Bruno being emotional abusive to women online, and something tells me that they won’t work for Cardi.

  2. Bruno the replacement for THE PRINCE? These industry people must be smoking dick… Bruno doesn’t even come CLOSE to prince. I wonder when the elites are gonna realize that you can’t „replace“ people. Can’t replace Michael, Whitney, Mariah, Tina turner etc. they are irreplaceable.
    Bruno just seems very …. Weird. The way he was begging the Grammy’s to perform was just pathetic.

    1. So, this is my opinion; This maybe weird but suspect that Bruno knows that his time is short. He knows that he peaked with his last album, 24K Magic. Bruno is not as this easy go lucky and funny guy as he seems. I think he will fall soon. I think the same for Weekend. Now, I can understand that Taylor Swift (with her remix song) best Silk Sonic in the first week, but Weeknd got beat by a newbie, Gunna, multiple weeks. Weekend should have blown everyone out of the water. He is suppose to be the “next” Micheal Jackson, like Bruno is suppose to be the “Prince”. However people like Micheal and Prince are irreplaceable. I have seen Bruno and Weeknd performed, and I like the Weeknd, but he cannot touch Bruno. I can see why Bruno see that as offensive, that is like comparing Nicki and Doja Cat. I believe that the industry does rivals like Brubo and The Weeknd for many reasons. But here are my two. One: To me money off of the rivalry. Two: There is a possiblity ritual that they can end Weeknd and Bruno like they did Micheal and Prince. Now, Bruno and Weekd does not have to go against the industry, but the industry is evil and will do such that. Again, my opinion.

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