May 23, 2022

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35 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Bruno Mars 2/3/2022

  1. Damn sounds like His girl is a bitch. Might just be a chick who was looking to be kept too cause I never heard of her before Bruno, and the fact that Bruno is allegedly always creeping and she stays plus they been dating for a decade and some change with no marriage or babies..that tells me she probably just in it for the money and as long as he provides that and don’t get caught creeping *which works out cause Bruno don’t like to have his business out there anyway* she could care less what he does.

  2. Lmaooooo there’s some things here I can confirm since my fiancée is Jessica’s cousin. They’re from Harlem. He actually comes to normal family gatherings with her.

  3. Ew! I never knew he was such a snake! He just seems like the worst kind of backstabbing, lying, FAKE, wannabe, slimy dude out there

  4. I remember seeing a post about those contest scam. However, allegedly they said that Jessica and her friends were doing it. I also heard that allegedly Jessica was an escort.

  5. One more thing, if I was Cardi B I would be careful around Bruno. There is a big difference between someone that likes you and someone who is obsessed with you. Usually, when a person is obsessed with another person it does not end well. To me, Bruno is controlling when he sinks his claws into you. So Cardi, when you read this post….well, I usually do not say this, but Good Luck!

  6. Hey G, it has been rumored that a swimsuit was named after Bruno’s dead mother in Jessica’s swimsuit line. That rumored on different websites.

  7. This is old, nothing that hasn’t been alleged before. Seen this all on lsa. part 2 please for some new tea

  8. Left out the part where he was busted with coke at the airport several years back. Guess that will be included in part 2?

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