May 23, 2022

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11 thoughts on “Hot Takes 2/4/2022

  1. Princess and dooky draws ray j are working my Last nerves
    And why is quavo mad at Nicki
    I think if kanye gets with a black woman it will make her jealous

  2. LMAO nobody checking for Quavo, I doubt nicki gives af about patching up anything with him. He tried to embarrass and humiliate her, now look at him ain’t had a hit in the last 2 years. Funny how everyone that tried to shit on her barely making any noise now. She didn’t put the city girls on blast, she was asked a question and answered respectfully..This whole kim and kanye thing is messy and if he don’t want north on tik tok that should be respected. Idk why there would be a saweetie and jayda confrontation, jayda can have that LOL

  3. I pray Saweetie does not have a confrontation with Jayda. Saweetie can do way better than that goofy looking dude. He’s been embarrassing Jayda for years, don’t stop him now.
    Also, why doesn’t Jayda catch the same heat that Khloe Kardashian gets? She’s been embarrassed by him multiple times, she fake breaks up with him and she does running back to him every time. Jayda also has money like Khloe, meaning neither of them need their baby daddy’s financial support nor do they need to be with them for clout. So what’s the difference 🤔

    1. Y’all keep saying jayda has money like ok we get it. Either way she’s still a fool and obviously she need baby for a lifestyle and status still.

  4. Nicki don’t give a rats ass about Quavo, so who cares.. Kanye needs work on his mind, and his soul, so he can be the father those kids need him to be, and stop trying to hurt Kim, she tried, and now shes over it, even though i think Pete is just a distraction… Shes over Ye…As far as Jayde and Saweetie… Saweetie out her making money… She aint studying lil baby..

  5. Not Quavo trying to act like the ball is in his court when it comes to making amends lol sir nobody cares about you

  6. Man fuckkkkkkk Quavo!! Who tf is he even?! Nobody checking for his ass, not even Saweetie. Nicki’s a whole married ass woman with a child. Boy byeeee.

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