May 23, 2022

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10 thoughts on “Hot Takes 2/12022

  1. Drake salty af – you had her and you fcked it up, go cry in the corner 🥴

    Taking that Zendaya/ Tom Holland buying a mansion together with a grain of salt

  2. Drake finding out the world never revolved around him. I know he’s big bitter.

    Adele needs to leave that relationship. She turned into a bird.

    Rih made her announcement, then here come Beyoncé lol just for rih to turn right around and announce new Fenty beauty lipsticks😂.

    So is lady Gaga shading Adele?😂

    1. And corny Ciara posted an old picture of herself pregnant. It was SO random and attention seeking. Everyone was like “Are you preg…” then they realized it was a throwback picture. Corny af.

  3. Random but can you make a sugar cubes about Nick Cannon like what’s up with this man impregnating everyone

    1. My theory is after that whole “jewish” incident, he had to do something strange for change to get back in their good graces…something that vould have probably “taken his manhood”, so now he got to prove he is a man inpregnating everything. Follow the timeline, you’ll see that it’s not too far-fetched.

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