July 4, 2022

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19 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes Tea This is what is Happening

  1. What is Mary being allowed to perform only one song? I know all of the other artists will perform a few songs. Why limit her? She has hits for days!!! 🤷🏽‍♀️

    1. I’m so PISSED for Mary! She’s the QUEEN and they treating her like she’s a rookie. They could have given her AT LEAST 3 songs.

  2. the whisper report is not credible. cardi b album will not do too well, there is no beef yet, no noise to drop the album.

    1. Y’all always call the blogs that say something you don’t like or reveal something you want under wraps “not credible” lol

  3. Atlantic artists ain’t coming out with albums until the feds stop investigating payola claims with Tidal.

    1. Lol that’s why they’re trying to make it seem like she’s oh so busy. Can’t wait to see all these ventures that’s kept her so busy

  4. Da baby sounds the same on every track tbh and brings nothing new or exciting.
    Mary deserves more and I hope they don’t do Kendrick dirty either.
    I figured Rihanna didn’t want to convert and that’s why it ended.
    So basically Rihanna is buying herself out of the industry?
    Smart move.

  5. Killing your own child but then having all types of sponsors and sugar daddies lined up? What in the white privilege, smh

  6. Yea I def can sense da baby career being pretty much over. His antics n ways have backfired. I think how he did danileigh is what really did it for him….

    1. Agree. DaBaby antics with Danileigh rubbed people the wrong way. I think his antics and personality turn people off.

  7. Dababy said it the other day on his IG he knows his career over. Honestly, I don’t feel bad for him. Karma knocking bro, open up. Cardi needs to do her album. She is in her prime, her debut was a huge success. Pushing it back is just not a good idea. The girls are gonna keep going, there is time for her to do all of these other ventures. In the music world this new generation as the attention span the size of a coin. But she knows whats best for her so ima let her do that. She’s more of an influencer anyways that’s how her brand started. Im excited for nicki’s new era. Can megan really do a tour by herself? Mulatto got that happy weight. I hate when these girls be ti’d down in their prime. I would be single ASF

    1. He can’t put her second album because nicki is ignoring she can only release when it’s drama. It won’t do well when she drops it. She’s the only that ain’t put out a second album or a world tour. No freestyles, no cypher. That’s why she’s quiet when nicki is on her hiatus now watch her pop out

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