May 23, 2022

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7 thoughts on “Hot Takes 11/28/2022

  1. Chris brown situation
    I believe it’s a setup and a ritual idc what anybody says.
    Jason don’t feel sorry for him

    1. Because it’s believable ppl will believe just because of the Robyn situation so that always gon use that bs

      1. It’s not just the Rihanna thing.
        Chris has many, many incidents involving him not handling his temper (with men and woman) and this isn’t the first time a rape accusation etc has came up with his name attached.
        I think Chris gets very out of it on drugs and needs serious help.

  2. Regarding Nicki: if there is so much more to this than what meets the eyes- let us know….
    What is it?
    Generally speaking I’m pretty sure a lot of artists (black) wanted to work or reach out with trump. He was an easy president to get on your side. He literally does whatever….

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