May 23, 2022

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13 thoughts on “Big Sean Has Been Cheating Again For Months With This Woman

  1. Maybe they have an understanding don’t embarrass me & I’ll look past it. Basically don’t give me any reason to be triggered.

  2. They might have an open relationship but want to keep quiet about it. As long as he’s not sloppy about it like Tristan she probably don’t care.

  3. Jhene got a cutty now. I think what people dont get is I believe they stay together for her lil girl. I believe that Big Sean and her daughter are close. I believe that once she is 18, Jhene is gone. But until then, he can get back in the house.

    1. @azizah Broken up ? as someone who has connections to her sisters I can tell you they were not. But her family do not like Sean and rightfully so.

  4. If I were Jhene, I would leave. You caught him cheating before, but you still stayed. That is no different from the Khloe situation, but Khloe’s relationship is more public. If you think about it, allegedly, Jhene uses witchcraft to stay make Sean stay with her. Isn’t that embarrassing? You have to MAKE someone stay with you. They don’t want to stay with you by choice.

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