May 23, 2022

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37 thoughts on “Industry Sacrifice or Blood Sacrifice Part 2

  1. G I love this section! What are your thoughts on Selena’s passing? She was on her way up, especially with her crossing over into English language albums.

    1. Yeah, what happened to Selena Q? And what does these A list celebrities have to do to stay on top? Like do they have to do monthly rituals or yearly blood sacrifice? Or do they allow the deitie to just possess them? Let’s say Beyoncé or Rihanna

  2. I remember when Pimp C was doing all those interviews and name dropping, I just KNEW he was gon die behind it. Even after he tried to back peddle the damage was already done. My friends thought I was crazy until his death was announced and even then, tried to justify him dying of an OD.

    1. She did blow up, she won an Oscar hasn’t put an album out in years but still relevant amongst the yts. She’s always singing for their events

  3. I know Toni Braxton had stated she had an abortion in the early 90s. She said she was using a face cream that had an ingredient in it that could be damaging to an unborn baby. But I’m wondering if that was actually a sacrifice.

  4. To piggyback on a questions asked about athletes, did Shacarri, the runner, sacrifice her mom? I think that it’s weird that her mom passed before the Olympics and although she wasn’t able to participate, she became very famous and from my understanding, she secured a few deals like the deal with Nike. Idk something about her off and I can’t put my finger on it.

    Also, please please please talk about Selena Quintanilla and the things she had going on.

    Also, I’ve always wondered about Nicki and Cardi’s sacrifices. Nicki barely lost her father recently but she’s been a household name for a decade. What has she done to stay on top?

    With Cardi, I haven’t heard of any of her close family or friends passing. How did she become so successful? I know the machine was backing her up so she can replace Nicki but I just don’t think they’d let her get away with out sacrificing someone.

    1. @Anonymous
      Selena Quintillina was sacrificed by her father
      And she always threw it up. Look at her pictures the red and black bustier the checkered floor
      She was definitely down

      1. I think Selena was an industry sacrifice. I believe that Yolanda was under MK ultra so kill her.

    2. They won’t, there is a where Cardi is rapping, and she has on a blue outfit, and she said something to the effect that Illuminati, I will sacrifice my cousin for this sh*t.” In the video, it is like she is bragging. So if there is something happens to her cousin, people can always pull up that video. I don’t know what made her say that, but that was stupid to do.

    1. Karyn2323
      All those “miscarriages” Whitney had and the real Michael been dead since the Pepsi commercial but that’s another story

  5. Yes love this section G …can you speak on Shenseea and her mom? her mom suddenly passed and the rumor is she sacrificed her. any insight on that?

    1. Shenseea was well known in Jamaica/Caribbean for years, Her mother passes away and now she is doing tracks with Drake and Meg and in commercials with Khalid.

  6. Isn’t it sad that you have to do ALLLLL of this foolishness just to be successful in this business 😒. Just ridiculous.

    1. There is a video where Cardi is in a blue outfit where she is rapping and says something like this Illuminati, and I sacrificed one of my cousins in for this s.h*t. So if her of my cousins dies we will know what happens. The worse thing about it, it was like she was bragging.

    1. Allegedly, one of his friends, Fifi, plus others. There have been some people thay have died around Drake. He won’t sacrifice his mom or dad.

  7. Who did Nicki give up? Don’t be scared to talk about her lol. Let the barbz tell it Nicki is responding for megan blowing up so which is it smh

  8. I remember Lina Morgana. Allegedly, Lady Gaga stole her sound. I have heard that Lil Waye sacrificed Static Major, who was friends with Aaliyah.

  9. Can you do one on industry plants?? I don’t really understand it all the way I’d love a breakdown of it!

  10. Hey G, could you clarify Whitney Houston and brandy/ Jennifer Hudson saga. Because after Whitney died none of them blew up in my opinion, and that dude still In jail for killing “Jennifer’s family?”

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