May 23, 2022

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13 thoughts on “1/24/2022 Hot Takes

  1. So what exactly is Tashas end game. Sounds like she is doing horrible and will likely lose so why did she do this when all she had to do was take the videos down. Do she have the money to pay if she loses. I just don’t get it 😐😐

  2. Can you do a story on kanye and his new chick she’s just not giving and I’m sorry but she looks a hot mess during fashion week right now with those raccoon eyes

  3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Julia Fox isn’t it. Kanye is trying way too hard way too soon to make her the next Kim K. It’s giving pressed and bothered. Kim is keeping her appearances with Pete to a minimal and I think that makes her relationship more believeable and it’s just a better look. She doesn’t seem to be rushing anything, she isn’t making a fool of herself and she genuinely looks like she’s moving on in stride. I might not be a fan of their shows, but I have gained a new respect for her. She could’ve been so petty and embarrassed Kanye but she’s not. She walked away with integrity. Gotta give it to her!

  4. I am glad this Cardi and Tasha K case will be over; to me, it should not have taken this long. Tasha K lied too many times in court. I just saw Heaven’s video about it. He mentioned something I forgot; you can go to jail for perjury. I am not a big fan of Cardi, but when Tasha said that Cardi B had herpes, there was a big accusation, which can cause damage to someone’s career.

  5. All them women running through the mansion but Hugh chose to fuck dogs instead. I hope that’s 🧢. I would LOVE to see Kim and Nicki collaborate! That would break the Internet!

  6. Tasha K should just bow out now. There is nothing she can say at this point. Not a Cardi fan, but I’m happy for her.

  7. Azaeila needs to go find some chickens khloe is the dumbest person like girl get some self esteem
    He’s not gonna stop and he knows Khloe will keep taking him back he can give her herpes and she will still stay
    Are we gonna talk about hailey Bieber’s racist homophobic tweets

  8. I really hate how people dog Khloe like she’s the only one taking back a cheating spouse!!!!!!!!! Azalea needs to collab with Kim and leave nicki out of her mouth.

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