May 23, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Industry Sacrifice or Blood Sacrifice Part1

  1. What about Justin Bieber ? Is he a industry plant ? How come no one close to him has died . Literally his grandparents are still even living.

  2. Dame and those three executives (Suge Knight, Irv Gotti, and Jas Prince) went behind the elite’s back to a record publishing company (I think that is what it was.) Now, this is my opinion; Dame ran to J and talked about what he and the other executives would do. Well, J sees this as an excellent opportunity to get back at Aaliyah (for breaking up with him, even though he cheated and she got with Dame), get back at Dame for getting with Aaliyah, and get a higher spot in the industry. He lied to Dame, said that he was with it, and was told the elites everything. Then the elites told Dame and those other three executives that give us a sacrifice or die. I forgot who Jas and Suge Knight (I think 2pac) who supposed to sacrifice. Irv was supposed to get rid of Ashanti, but she got away. Jay told Dame that the elites would be okay with him sacrificing Aaliyah, but Jay knew that he would offer Aaliyah as a sacrifice. He picked Beyonce as his mate (because I heard that Beyonce was trying to run from J for years, and she was jealous of Aaliyah. I always believed that no passengers on my plane dance are mocking Aaliyah’s death ). Once Aaliyah died, Jay and Beyonce went up. Dame fell and did not understand what happened until after he fell. This is all hypothetical, by the way, and again, my opinion. In my opinion, I always believed that J always had something with Aaliyah’s death, and I already knew about Cathy’s death. If something happens to Beyonce or Rihanna, Jay-Z will be involved, but again, in my opinion. One the thing I also believed, l Aaliyah, 2pac, Selena, Left Eye, and Kurt Cobain was going to get die young in the industry. I cannot explain it, but something was very spiritually powerful; this could have been their God-given spiritual gifts. Again, my opinion.

  3. Em career was hot wayyyy before proof died. His career didnt take off after proof died. It actually decline. Proof died over some street shit.

    1. This is a theory. I always suspected that the real Em died in that alleged car accident, which was rumored to happen before Relapse. Relapse can also mean death in some cases. Proof knew how the industry worked, so it is no surprise to me that he knew he was going to be sacrificed. Proof was in Aaliyah’s Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number video. So Proof knew how they get down in the industry.

  4. So did Regina King sacrament her son? Did Shenseea sacrifice her mom? Sadly whenever someone close to a celebrity dies out of nowhere I automatically think sacrifice. It’s no coincidence that Shenseea mom dies and now she’s everywhere. She was big in the Caribbean yes, but now she’s doing collaborations with artists like Drake and Meg.

  5. I’ve always wanted a definition on industry sacrifice and what separates it from blood sacrifice. Sounds like when the industry is trying to put someone who will play the game and push the agenda on top, they have to move whoever is in the way out the way. People had this natural pull toward Aaliyah meanwhile beyonce was talented but seem to be more sheltered under her father so she wasn’t getting out there on her own.

    1. I believed that Aaliyah would die young under in the industry like 2Pac, Selena Q, Kurt Cobain, Left Eye. They were on or going to be at the top of their game, and they died. They died 30 or under, so they were still in their prime.

  6. Yeah I’d like to know about shenseea too. Cuz she was always big in Jamaica but as soon as I heard her mom died I said she’s about to blow up. Next thing I know she’s got a new manager and she’s making commercials with DJ Khaled.

  7. What is the back story on Clarence Avant? His wife’s murder was suspect. I watched his Netflix documentary and it seems like he was straight Mob. He is like 90 so how much more involved is he in the industry?

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