October 1, 2022

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    1. She did not say all black women were roaches. She was talking about one girl. We as black women call each other worse names all day everyday.

  1. Ok… when she called black women roaches, wasn’t she arguing with someone or someone had upset her? I’m just trying to get the context of the statement since it’s always brought up.

  2. And we need to be mindful of the things we say about each other. If we show each other disrespect publicly it makes it easier for other races feel as if it’s ok

  3. Roaches is extreme. She always throw a shoe on love and hip hop. I don’t like how y’all didn’t crucify her like y’all did cardi b

  4. you slid right by that one nice&smooth lol we know Tasha K is on trial & we know Cardi not a saint but what do you think about what was said was the question?

  5. If black women are roaches Cardi is too b/c technically she’s black the sooner so called blacks and hispanics realize they are one in the same Gods/Goddess the better off we’ll begin to be so Cardi may be a colorist it’s a lot of that amongst us due to ppl thinking they’re better due to being a lighter complexion and/or having less coursed “hair”,being born in another place and not Amerikkka, and/or even speaking more than one language a lot of us so called blacks have those types of attitudes and more just ignorant but yeah TK is the one getting her karma all she had to do was take the video down and stop discussing the girl vagina or maybe it was all a humiliation ritual to begin with and TK dumb self got played b/c those “elites” will use you and spit you right out &&& IDC if she’s paying for the funerals that doesn’t mean she doesn’t look down on women with darker toned skin than hers so what her husband is chocolate her issue are with women she’s definitely no saint

  6. the way you excuse this is disgusting, when someone said they didnt date black men you threw a fit, cardi is trash trash trash

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