May 23, 2022

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26 thoughts on “P.R Diaries Hugh Hefner Refused To Sleep With Black Women Except.

  1. Sometimes men being ignorant makes us sistas dodge major bullets. Thank goodness black women were never forced to be basically sex pawns to that dirty old man who’s whole career was built off exploiting women. He exploited his own and I’m glad he kept it that way.

  2. I’d like to think we all have some sort of preference and if his is white women so be it. I see nothing wrong with that. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    1. To me, the problem is not perosnal preference, but to insult other who are not the personal preference. That is rooted in racism, even if it is your own race.

  3. When these types of remarks are made, consider it music to the ears, because there’s way too much Black goodness that comes in all flavors layers shapes and sizes for us to be concerned about a flavorless Vanilla Wafer with an entitled attitude who 9 times out of 10 was/is bad in bed. I have NEVER heard of ANY Black Woman who ever wanted to smash Hugh Hefner. This revelation was a blessing in disguise, a dodged bullet, and a missed opportunity to be thankful for.

  4. He was attracted to his own kind and that’s ok… he wanted to exploit his own kind and I’m ok with that!

  5. Heard he tried to fuck Pam Grier. Either way it’s a blessing cause he’s a gross pig. BW didn’t want his dirty ass either

  6. Hi G! Can you do a piece about Vanity? I was hearing little tidbits about her being like some kind of sex vixen. Love her!!

  7. Good cuz he’s into some nasty stuff and those women went through a lot. I’m happy no black woman had to endure that and sad for the women who did.

  8. I honestly thought he was in the closet
    Anyways Vanity was gorgeous she was prince’s main woman. I’m glad she gave her life to God

  9. Honestly thank god for that . So not attractive. We don’t care. Poor young girls who had to sleep with this ugly old man for a Playboy cover. I would be traumatized for life

  10. I don’t see a problem with that. As long as he didn’t make ignorant or racist comments, he just wasn’t attracted. I know plenty of Black people, men and women, who are only attracted to other Black people. And we never bat a eye to that 🤷🏾‍♀️.

  11. That was a blessing! Black women need to count their blessings that some of these predators don’t care for them…the hell these women get put through, keep that over their with the non-melanin folks.

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