October 1, 2022

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16 thoughts on “Couple in Trouble Lisa Bonet and Jason Mamoa Are Done. We Told You

  1. I’m over lusting after Jason, I completely forgot about this video. It’s giving pedophile and I must say he looks a lil sneaky once you look deep into his eyes. Those Aquaman movies are very popular so I could imagine the evil rituals he has to do. I’m glad Lisa found the strength to leave.

  2. I remember back in the day he was engaged to an older woman from Baywatch Hawaii I think it was. He must have a thing for older women. As far as the other weird stuff, I wonder if it’s because of the corruption that happens to a person once you give in to the industry stuff. It’s sad and disturbing to see that video with his daughter. I’m glad Lisa finally let this go but she never looked happy, and it’s sad to see a beautiful family deconstruct.

  3. “Lisa was also faced with numerous pictures of the same sex.” What does that mean? He had pics with other men or she had pics with other women? Sorry that line is a little confusing.

  4. That video haunts me. I always hoped it wasn’t true but that’s obvious it is. And look at the poor daughter’s reaction. Breaks my heart it’s out in plain sight and no one is helping her.

  5. I’m disgusted. You can tell the daughter was very uncomfortable with him rubbing her like that 🤢🤮

  6. They were definitely broke for a while… he states himself that he was extremely broke when he was filming Game of Thrones. Like howwwww???

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