July 6, 2022

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11 thoughts on “Hot Takes 11/13/2022

  1. Y are all these ple selling their catalogs 🤔 and that drake hot sauce story is hilarious. If it is cap someone has a vivid imagination and needs to write books and u say he don’t like condoms.🤔 say what now, all these groupies and such that u don’t know who they been with.😒 is he trying to get all the stuff. Just yuck

  2. Back again Jason Mama and Lisa Bonet… had to put my thinking cap on! It’s so new, they aren’t the first thing that comes to mind!! Now she can get back with Lenny!!! He adores her!!

  3. Yea I agree with G, Drake is known to not use condoms. Jason I’m here if you need me 😂 but don’t think you can put your hands on me cause I’m not the one. Trey getting locked up next, this ain’t the first time we’ve heard about him being a rapist. If he was attractive to a lot of women he would’ve been in prison.

  4. So drake round here fucking everyone naked head. How do he know if all these women don’t have a std or Sti just nasty

  5. Cardi 🥱 🥱
    Forget pregnancy have these guys ever heard of herpes chlamidya hepatitis oh yeah and AIDS
    Chris and drake are disgusting penis’s probably smell like a prison orgy

  6. Lol & ewww at “Drake doesn’t use condoms”. He acts just like future but doesn’t get called out for it

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