July 6, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Ask G The Tea is In The Answers

  1. That email does not work. I tried sending an “ask G” question and I get a message that says. “It does not exist”

  2. When Issa got that big deal and started hanging with more big named stars I knew she had sold out. I also think her and Yvonne Orji got a thing going on.

  3. C’mon. Do you really think a successful show like hers would happened if she didn’t get down with the Hollywood folks? I always knew she was down

    1. exactly plus issa was bron male, issa was always in but I guess because issa is darkskin they dont want to push issa as much without issa doing the most pushing agendas. I dont even see the hype about issa

  4. Hey G, thanks for this tea. Quick question, what’s the ultimate end game for the elite’s to push the interracial marriage agenda? I thought the Hollywood elites hated interracial marriage.

    1. You have a good point about that. Hollywood wants to push the homosexual agenda, but certain stars (like Zendaya) cannot come out in public about her homosexulity. I guess it is for certain stars.

  5. Issa definitely pushes the Hollywood narratives. I feel bad for August. It’s like he fell in love and fully expected Jada to leave Will for him because August made Jada happy and at the time, Will didn’t. Honestly at this point, I’m so sick of Jada and Will that I wish she would’ve left him for August so that Will and Jada would have not have a marriage to talk about. I am TIRED of them.

    1. Interesting. I never saw any of her stuff pushing narratives. She even talked about how someone told her to put white people in Insecure and she declined. And only her brother was gay on the show but he was not featured much.

      1. I agree. Her show was one of the few shows that was easy on the gay stuff. Which is why I enjoyed it so much.

  6. Where can I do Ask G at? I got some questions about Bruno Mars as well as Zendaya. She is everywhere with literally no talent and had the push of H. Weinstein before he got locked up. I wouldn’t be surprised if her daddy didn’t sell her out.

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