July 6, 2022

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5 thoughts on “Ask G The Sugar Is in The Answers

  1. G, I think Ashanti has sold out and possibly Jojo now too. Mya looks to be the only one who hasn’t. Am I wrong?

    1. if they’re gender inverted then they’ve sold out since the beginning, any singers/actors pushing these agendas especially pedophilia that traumatise children; I will always lose respect for, they can go to hell and stay there respectfully.

  2. I agree about Ashanti. She held out as long as she could but she has been subliminally dropping them elite signs on her IG over the past few years. Ain’t no way I would go from controlling my life to someone else pimping me for my hard work and money. Yes, she considers herself to independent but Ashanti is not pushing herself, the elite are definitely behind her hitting a lot of these big stages now. Trust and believe your feet would never touch these stages if you were completely independent because they block you from everything. Ashanti was black listed for years but it looks like she gave in.

  3. A lot of the female artists also escort to make extra money. I’ve seen Ashanti with older rich white men on vacation. A lot of males and females go to Dubai and get sh..t on to make quick money.

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