July 6, 2022

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7 thoughts on “Blind Sugar Reveal from 12/23/2021

  1. So who is the woman Shaq is exclusive with now? They’ve been together for some years so when did he try megan and saweetie?

  2. Ye can keep them tapes if they’re anything like the first one that made Kim famous. Sis was real lazy but Shaq with either Meg or Saweetie might’ve been a good look.

  3. First of All Big Nasty aka Shaq you are Tooo Sam Old for these Young 20s Sumthin Young Girls Move Around Creep 🥴 Kayne it’s a Rap Bro 😂

  4. Leaking a sex tape on kim would only embarrass their children….not her. He needs to move on , He’s just being a weirdo now.

  5. Shaq is now with one of Alexis Skye’s friends Tiara…she was with him on Christmas…pictures on her instagram

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