July 6, 2022

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13 thoughts on “Hot Takes 1/5/2022

  1. So much happening in here!
    There is no replacement for Kim – Kanye should start from scratch and change the narrative…. If he did it before he can do it again.
    Is David still bouncing up n down on the the one lol IG yachter … what’s her NAME…. Chantel Jeffries 🤔

      1. I think you’re misunderstanding what I’m saying here. Why replace by trying to recreate an original (KIM K IS A 1 of 1 hell we all are nobody can be her better than her me or you).
        Why not grab somebody NEW & BRAND them…💡
        Basically grab someone new and irrelevant – and make them RELEVANT & HOT! In there own respective LANE. Where there will be no comparison because they’re a “NEW” fresh face doing a new Fresh Thing (who knows what that thing is.. IDK) basically on to the NEXT…. JUST LIKE he did with AMBER ROSE. He popped out with a baddie that no one knew! And she took off from there… Kanye 100% has the ability & know how on getting it cracking & turning CHICS who were nobodies to SOMEBODY BODY BODY…. His track record / resume shows this.
        He’s an innovator & an amazing creative.

  2. How are they are they going to push saweetie? The public do not think she can rap or is an entertainer.

  3. I’m sick of Ariana
    And saweetie she tries too hard
    I thought you said the case was getting dismissed
    What’s going on with Erica and her wife safaree is the divorce real?

  4. I am surprised Ariana even decided to get married . Isn’t Amber working things out with her 2nd bbydaddy?
    Will Victoria finally decide to divorce David? Hmm

  5. billie is strong enough to headline, none of them are good to me; we need a performer with hits
    if a man is dating khloe he’ll know about all the shenanigans
    sweetie is boring
    ariana’s husband looks like a lesbian especially in the face

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