July 6, 2022

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23 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Tuesdays 1/4/2021 P Diddy

    1. lol There are several post on here about Nicole freaky self she loves her coochie sniffed and sometimes she would only allow certain men to sniff it lol and not hit it

  1. Diddy’s so evil. He definitely deserves karma for all he’s done. Probably mad at the world because he’s a closeted homo

  2. The part about Q is adding up now. I remember watching the show and seeing him break down, he said it was because he wasn’t getting paid. I totally get it now.

  3. What a disgusting person! Karma please do your worst with this asshole. Run Caresha run or he’ll make a slave out of you.

  4. So Diddy had the first “Astroworld”…. Wow! I guess we know where Travis got the idea for his concerts. This man is straight demonic!!

  5. Diddy the devil is what I call him. Ever since I got on this blog I have lost all respect for him. That man is 👿

  6. When I say diddy will get his I mean it
    Maybe not today maybe not tomorrow but he will.
    And wait Q is gay? I’m confused I also think he killed Kim and got biggie killed too Joie daphene and Miami better be careful

  7. Lawwwwdddddd I’ve heard so much about this man. He must have some helluva dirt on people because he has not gotten exposed yet

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