July 6, 2022

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15 thoughts on “PR Diaries Monday’s 1/3/2021

  1. Where is this child? Free did lay low for a while however she’s been up & on IG for a while now but still very low key. This love child story leaves a lot of unanswered questions….

  2. Where is the child that Free had? You would think after all these years there would be pictures. From what I’ve heard Kerry always messing with somebody else’s man.

  3. Which co star was Kerry fucking with?? It could be the obvious Fitz but she had other men she worked with…

      1. Had to be fitz. Cause the chemistry in their sex scenes was felt through the screen lol way more then acting…

  4. Yup I remember the with Free and Jay-Z. I was listening to Wendy on the radio and I believe more than one person called in. I remember Wenday telling the person on the phone to go “fan out” and call back with information.

    This is the reason why I am a supporter of the blog. I remember some of the stories out of NY as if it was yesterday. If you didn’t live in NY or possibly NJ at the time, you wouldn’t know this because this is definitely pre-social media and pre urban radio syndication.

    G and Heav, keep doing yall thing!

  5. This was so juicy. Free always game some bull shut answer why she disappeared. But what about Aj?

    This scoop about karrine and Naomi is hilarious?

    Kerry was having a scandal of her own?
    So who was kerry messaging with? Columbus short? Was he with karine at the time? Wasn’t she engaged.

    And when did see mess with 45?


  6. Dammm I used to have a crush on Mike Bivens he was the only one in “NE” that had swag to me🥴😂 I was soo young tho 😂 We know Camel face the daddy of Free baby if I had to guess Jay prob has 15 kids floating out here..SMDh

    Kerry Washington freak fake ass her fake pro-black was soo obvious and her screwing her co-Star I always wonder b/c their chemistry was tooo closeee in my opinion!

  7. Could you imagine if Jayz looses the power in the industry he has…the stories that would come out?

  8. Mike Bivins just be messing with everyone! Whew Chile! I don’t know how the wives of these industry men handle this shit Mike has been married to Teesha forever and clearly she knows. Ain’t no damn way I would put up with this shit just to live a certain lifestyle. But these women and men do it. Ain’t no damn way!

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