January 24, 2022

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10 thoughts on “Industry Secrets Foxy Brown Dating Kurupt in The Middle of The East Coast west Coast Beef

  1. Jay Z is the biggest hater! He’s the type of Sagittarius I don’t fuck with. I love the other kind, y’all are lit. He’s a hating ass, definition of stopping the bag ass, cheating ass, lying ass dirty dog. I’m upset like he did that to me, I need to chill lol

  2. Jayz was jealous as Nas said on his record Ether that Jayz got his head up in Fox’s puss. So that’s they reason why he was jelly…she wasn’t fucking him no more. She was fucking Kurupt.

  3. The East Coast vs West Coast was stressful and Jay knew if Pac and Big was still alive he wouldn’t have the Juice! I cannot stand Jay

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