July 6, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Hot Takes 1//1/2022

    1. yeah this person can be weird, chris is a digusting pedo and should receive thorough punishment, hes hideous inside and out. to hell with that pathetic addict

  1. Not good CB, Love is spreading the Love. I hope J Prince haven’t taken Kanye hostage again. Congrats on the layout.

  2. Nothing new with Chris being in a young girls DM’s heard this before and it’s common in hollyweird
    That’s why he was liking his dusty fraud psycho’s baby mama’s crappy pictures
    What in the world do these women see in diddy besides money
    And I knew Nicki was gonna have another baby

  3. trey is a useless piece of ish

    Kylie is not pregnant thats a moonbump and so was nicki’s

    What is happening with Beyonce music and Normani music?

  4. Trey, Diddy, Jay Z should all be locked up in a cell next to R. Kelly. I feel like Nicki is a great mom and I want to see her in more movies and tv shows. I want the same for Drake too.

  5. Good for Nicki, I hope to see her in concert.

    For Mgk, this might be a common sense answer but is this ultimately a stunt bc he seems pretty obsessed

  6. G, why are you saying ” ANDD?” to CB possibly grooming a minor? sounds like you’re saying it doesn’t matter if he is?

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