July 6, 2022

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9 thoughts on “Is The Internet Secret Society Setting Women Up To Be Murdered?

  1. Sadly xes work has been pushed as a female empowerment movement and more and more girls/women are running towards the industry to get fast & “easy” money. It all comes with a price…

  2. It’s hard because what can you do when these woman are more than willing to go out there? :((( Greed a motherfucker .

    1. its not greed, its called brainwashing. the sex industry is dangerous for a woman but say that and people will try to defend especially men because who will please them and their ego?

  3. I believe it and these Elites are sacrificing these IG Models I seen Heav YouTube Vidjeo!! Let’s Get Into It!

  4. Its mad about the snapchat thing, I never knew that. It makes sense men will always find a way to make money off of womens sex “work” more like exploitation. Thats why onlyfans is pushed so much, I always felt women weren’t really in charge men just make them feel that way but the man that owns the app and the secret investors such as celebs who shouted out the app; Amber/ B/ tory really benefit

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