July 6, 2022

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18 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Tuesdays The City Girls

  1. Why would anyone get with little demon? After he told his fans they going to hell with him
    And diddy isn’t any better I’m sorry I don’t feel bad for them they wanted fame so bad so just enjoy it and shut up. and hopefully both men don’t sacrifice them

  2. I wonder how JT and YM are doing with each other? Are they still close? How has fame changed their friendship? YM seems really loyal to JT.

  3. Dammm YM gets around low key though and for JT to let someone like Uzi to control her, it seems like her first real relationship in her life

    1. for them to get their deal miami slept w Pee (ceo ) and coack kay slept with JT or ai think that’s what they meant

  4. Wtf does cook JT mean? Do y’all ever consider proofreading? I love the blog, but these grammatical errors are unnecessary!

    1. G lost feeling in her fingers after an incident, that’s why sometimes she has typos. She made a whole post about it….

  5. What’s her situation with Diddy. And what did they do in that mansion/ island he took her to where she took all those photos.

  6. again! (if it’s true), DRAKE IS A RAN THRU THOT! LOL. and YM looks easy to smash, Just have some $. And UZI looks like he physically abuses JT too, or would. And were the initiations between them and coack k and Pee recorded?

  7. You can tell YM just started rapping, she sounds a mess

    Why put a restraining order when you knew he was going to get hit? Guilty conscience? I’m just saying…

    Certified Whore is what I’m calling Aubrey now lol can we get a list of who he smashed? I know that list is lengthy

    1. Yes, I would like some sugar on them as well and any of the artists considered indie or who went from indie to more mainstream.

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