July 6, 2022

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16 thoughts on “PR Diaries Monday’s — The Stories We Used To Talk About In These PR Streets

  1. Oh wow! Jay been a dog for decades. You know what I want to know G? How is it that none of Beyoncé’s family members have sold her out yet to the tabloids? I know she has a large family on both her father and her mothers side. Has she paid them off? I know they like her cousin you mentioned in this story have a LOT more tea to spill.

  2. Forget about Jay Z being a dog. Ciara just as bad say what you want but she a homewrecker if she really did fuck with Jay Z knowing he with Bey. Foh about being vulnerable and getting lost in the moment. You fucked Jay Z period. And Bey got every right to hate her for that. Same with not liking Rihanna. What women gonna be cool with a chick knowing the chick fucked her husband behind her back and be smiling right in her face denying that shit for years. If her and Russell don’t work out then it’s karma for sleeping with Jay. These women don’t get it if you sleeping with another woman’s husband that shit gonna come right back to you when it’s time for you to want to settle down and get married.

    1. I think y’all keep forgetting Rihanna was a 16 year old child and in a completely different country.
      Jayz is most def a groomer.
      Let’s call it what it is.
      Beyoncé needed to check him for that and start asking questions about what he was doing with a child.
      You wouldn’t call it an affair or cheating if it was your young family member.
      I hope Rihanna does a tell all on what Jayz made her do in this industry for his own benefit.

    2. So you’d blaming the women but not the man that made a commitment to his wife? That decided to break the vow he made, Interesting…

      1. @sammie210 I don’t know if your reply was for me…but I was replying to the comment about Beyoncé not liking Rihanna, when she needed to check who she was about to marry. He man was messing with a 16 year old child and it’s not the first time him and young woman have been an issue.
        Jayz is disgusting and vile person and I will never like the man for many reasons.

  3. Damn he was gone leave bey for ci wow.

    I never thought the “ i got the hottest chick in the game wearing my chain” was for beyonce fr

    1. like he been dealing with bey sooo long it was like what’s the purpose of saying it. Ciara never gave me innocent vibes, she just knows how to maneuver in these streets. Whoever thought cici was so innocent a lil crazy😂😂jk

  4. I can’t remember which blogger but a few years back they did a segment on Beyoncé basically copying all of Ciara’s projects at the time you’re speaking of. Like literally same video concepts, photo shoots, etc.

  5. its so crazy. all the shit she talks in her songs and people making her the poster child for strong women……. she take so much humiliation from him with that robot smile on her face and robot hands

  6. Beyonce ain’t even want to help her cousin wit her music career🤦🏼‍♀️Sounds about selfishly right of her! Jay is not in love wit Bey; it’s a business deal and if I was Bey I would be tryna find out if Jay got an insurance policy on her b/c I don’t trust Jay…

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