July 6, 2022

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24 thoughts on “Christmas Random Tea 12/26/2021

    1. well her image is like a “dream girl”, in my opinion. a woman of a man’s dreams, and the envy of women who wish they could be her.

      1. women wouldnt envy if they support her, most men and women are straight and therefore its only right they want to see straight relationships.

  1. Russell knows Ciara like one of the best women in Hollywood. I admire her personally for how she does it. Reminds me of my momma. He gotta just treat her right and chill. Shes a confident Scorpio, she will go no where. They dont leave unless its just terrible. After they love you

  2. Ciara is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, there are guys out there that would gladly be stepdad if Russell messes up. I always got lesbian vibes from Zendaya and Kendall Jenner. I could see them dating each other actually.

  3. Zendaya and Kendall would be a good couple actually, chartwise.
    I know men who think like that…I hope Russell isn’t that insecure.
    Common just needs to be Tiff’s gay bestie and done.
    nikki obeah strong eenn lol!
    Kev has strayed so far from himself, I hope he can find himself. He was actually a good dude once…he is a classic tale of how you cannot serve two masters. Would not be surprised if it’s Tori who helps him get back on track, not them back together though.

  4. I don’t get the hype with Kendall you sure she’s not in the closet too?
    Not zendaya I heard she is actually MTF but not gay. Ciara whew chile. I’m glad this case is going away for Nicki. Tired of it. Tiffany and common were not a match she’s annoying
    Chocolate drip is gonna cheat again on his ribblet again say it ain’t so!

  5. I always got lesbian vibes from zendaya. Poor girl can’t even be herself. I hate hollyweird. Tiffanie and common don’t match anyway.

  6. Russell don’t want her performing nomore ok cool. She still keeping him on his pivot with the videos on ig. Cici applying pressure.

  7. I thought he kept getting her pregnant so she’s too busy to know he’s cheating with the white girl.

    1. I knew They fairy tale marriage is all full of shit !!. Wen ppl say they want them Ciara prayers ! I’m like yea ok 🙄.. what you don’t see on display is definitely done behind closed doors !!.. I never was one of those ppl who praised they relationship. Everrr

  8. Hollywood is the BIGGEST hyopcritics when it comes to the LGBTQ community. They are promoting it to the masses but certain people in the industry are forbidden to be that. They are worse than the religious sectors.

  9. I heard Russell is cheating on Ciara, and he keeps popping babies in her to make her stay at home as much as possible, while he does him.

      1. @slimm2018 cause they see the fairytale lives that they live . And how much he adores her 🙄.. all for show smh . I could definitely pick up on bullshit wen I see it . I called it from Day 1. They just hate Future cause he’s blunt with what he does and not sneaky like Russel .

  10. Ciara needs to leave that clown as of today. That’s why she can’t make the music that she wants because of him. God let her see the light & divorce him.

  11. These comments are funny about Ciara and Russell because not to long it was “what’s her prayer?” Now it’s leave him. Chile just live your life

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