July 6, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Hot Takes 12/24/2021

    1. Please!! I thought they were doing alright and I was glad especially all she’s been through with her mom trying to sabotage all her relationships lol

  1. Khloe should have been left. No disease or sickness is worth having a man for, especially you have a kid to rise.

  2. Lol that wasn’t JT i know the kid in the video.. he crazy he certainly would of fought Uzi his cousin in the background stopped him tbh

  3. I’ve always given Todd the side eye just like Kandi’s momma. I knew he was a good for both type of brotha 😂. This wasn’t in the hot takes but I noticed Saweetie has shaved her head. Is she going through something behind the scenes?

  4. I’ve always believed Todd is with Kandi, because of her status. I’ve heard so many negative things about their restaurants and a tax lien.

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