July 6, 2022

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16 thoughts on “Must Read I just feel like exposing for no damn reason Things I know

    1. I think so, theres videos of him on youtube being super pushy and pervy towards Nicki. She was tryna play it off but you could tell she was uncomfortable. Fuck his nasty dirty ass

  1. No wonder money bagg bm be saying certain stuff😂… people think she talking about ari but whole time he’s just no good.

  2. LOL that male rapper is probably Maino- which would’ve been one of the reasons why Kimmy B was mad at Nicki ? At least that’s what you told us. Not sure why Nicki would blame Diddy when that beef barely had anything to do with Diddy, but okey.

    Meek was on drugs and laid hands on Nicki, his sister and his mother. He also said that Nicki was not the reason – at a time where it would’ve been more than beneficial to actually blame her.
    Pretty sure drake would’ve alluded to the so called “oral sex” bc there were more than enough times where they fell out. Nigga even dissed JLo & Rihanna. So idk… we already knew that safaree was cheating bc Nicki herself told us. What’s up with the old tea?

    1. @Mna I think it’s because safaree claims on love and hip hop that Nicki did him wrong and that’s why ppl turned against her and how he got that gig on the show

  3. I knew there was something between nicki and drake they had too much chemistry.
    Remy Ma could of been doing big things but no she wanted to diss Nicki and that’s why she’s where she’s at. She should of minded her own business. Safaree fumbled that now he’s stuck with evil plastic Erica hoemena enjoy that L forehead. Ari is being cheated on ? Is there any man that’s not cheating in hollyweird. Miss diddy is messy

  4. Thanks for sharing G! I hope you and everyone else here is having a great holiday season!

    Also, if Safaree cheated with Beauty Dior I understand. Have yall seen her porn vids? Sheesh!! Lol

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