July 6, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Hot Takes 12/21/2021

  1. For someone who can “steal your girl,” Trey is always in trouble for forcing himself on somebody. Can’t get out of his own way.

  2. Whoever wrote this article, needs remedial grammar class. Y’all mean “amends” not ammense or however the hell it was spelled as.

  3. Jay benefited the most from the deaths of Biggie & Tupac as well as Timb & Pharell giving him most of their best beats HOWEVER I definitely believe that Kanye, Nas & a few others can take Jay in a versus battle

  4. Jay z get your head out your ass.

    Roddy rich who cares. Address why your bm said you had stds. We don’t care about what the people in the media thinks.

    I’m tired of the title “the next this and that” shits dumb

  5. Jay z you’re not God
    Sawettie the goddess of what 😂 she can’t rap she’s pretty but thirsty
    Happy for nicki

  6. sweetee is not a goddess please stop with these false statements, this is why people don’t listen to heaven, he can be right but then he can be loud and wrong. I dont see the appeal with sweetee anyway looks or the lack of talent.

    Justin sales and chart position is manipulated, a lot of these celebs are.

    I believe ayesha and curry have an open marriage, there’s rituals these celebs have to do and they do it to keep their place.

    Zendaya is biracial so, zendaya will be the biracial scarlett jo…..

    Jay can battle either kanye or wayne, his music is not that great and his best songs are features with kanye, beyonce, rihanna. What jay solo song is anyone still playing? Hes only relevant due to B and even that relevancy is dwindling.

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