July 6, 2022

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17 thoughts on “Did The Curry’s Give Up Christ and Sell Their Soul’s For Riches?

  1. Nooooooooo😩 I am a huge GSW fan being from Oakland, CA. And having met players from GSW thru working for a non profit and what they did for the youth i worked with. Steph even donated the Kia car he got for his MVP year. But to be fair, it didn’t sit well with me that they were at the Met Gala. Damn it!

  2. I mean, I think you can only get so far before you are faced with the choice. They break you down until you really feel like you got no choice unless you’re willing to give it all up. And no one really is willing to. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they did, even kicking and screaming.

  3. I started following Ayesha and her Youtube Cooking channel when they were both still “wholesome”…once I read that Gabby & D Wade story I thought “with time they’ll do it”. Writing was on the wall when they attended the MET this year…Steph’s parents out of the blue marriage scandal another ritual?

  4. I always wondered why his wife said she wanted the attention of other men and then all of a sudden she’s posting half naked pics of herself

  5. I think this blog should know by now that Steph was born into this, they’ve been sod out. These celebs are like actors and put on a facade that theyre christian. If steph is christian why are there satanic signs and symbols around him and his wife since hes been here? Come on, these celebs play the opposite sex and opposite of what they really are; being a family man is beneficial to his brand and thats what will be consistent.

  6. I am not shocked at all. I was actually counting the days when people would realize that they would sell their souls. It was obvious that it was going to happen

  7. This hurts my heart, not the Currys! I don’t idolize people’s relationships because I know better. I just really like their family and everything that we’ve seen. I’ve never once heard or seen that they’re creeping on each other. Sad day!

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