July 6, 2022

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25 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Tuesdays Ariana Grande

  1. Don’t think Mariah has any room talking about others… she’s one of the biggest b**** in the industry “allegedly”
    However they became cool “officially last with that Christmas collab… so there is that.

    1. Oh, her deactivation will be worse than Mariah’s. You ever notice that the deactivation are getting worse ans worse each generation. At least Whitney and Mariah settle the whole replacement thing when the industry in beginning stages of Mariah’s career. The industry try to make Mariah the new Whitney.

  2. I met Ariana once, she was so nice. She’s my spirit sister. I love her music. And maybe just maybe, all those years of abusive does affect her personality. Just because she hasn’t spoken out doesn’t mean it hasn’t taken a toll on her.

    1. You have to remember love when I report does not mean I met them or know them I report what people in the industry and behind the scenes have said

  3. I would like to know what rappers don’t like her when she dated some…. Did that have something to do with the relationships going side ways

  4. I hate that ponytail and her face looks diff. She try to play that sweet innocent role but u can tell it’s fake..

  5. She always had a look like she doesn’t want people around her. I mean I know them being abused in certain ways do play a certain factor in their behavior but how do we know some of them don’t enjoy that type of pleasure? I mean what’s the point of being that mean.

  6. of course she doesnt care if your with someone..she does have a song called “break up with your girlfriend”

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