July 6, 2022

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10 thoughts on “M.T.O Music Tea Only 12/19/2021

  1. I’m just here for Chloe and Halle finally getting the recognition they deserve. I love watching and hearing them perform.

  2. Jay is probably okay with them collaborating together again because we know he likes to pimp her out sometimes. I’m rooting for Britney. Hopefully Chris will sing about something other than pussy and partying.

    1. So much going on here, sheesh!
      Whoever Britney collabs with, is guna have a lucky SOB. I know people are fighting over that collab.
      Why isn’t Drake doing a song with Doja?
      Oooooo Bey and Ursher 👀 That’s very interesting. I wonder if Jayz put up a fight with this one.
      Jayz is going out sad tryna keep up with the new generation. He’s an OG, his place is cemented in history. No one is questioning if he’s one of the greatest. I’m not even a fan and I know that. Same with Beyonce, she’s going out sad too. Her new surgeries are wild. She looks good but everyone can tell she got work done.
      What’s up with Jayz addressing Future? Did I miss something?

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