July 4, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes 12/19 Part 1

  1. I dont know why Kanye is mad. His chick is actually way better looking and I think in time, he will find a happy place and trolling Kim will stop. Once it does, she will fall to pieces and beg him back. I called it. Right here. They will be back together, once Kanye truly gets back to himself and he speaks to her nicely but doesnt want her in bed. Watch this work! I think he cheats on her to get her back for hurting him. If anyone can show him love and compassion, and he sees they have the capacity for making another Kim, Kim will not be happy.

  2. I thought FLO-rida was gay?

    Im starting to feel like Lebron and his wife have some type of understanding where he is allowed to cheat but not get anyone pregnant cus whaat the hell

  3. Ain’t Flo-Rida the one that has a special needs child he don’t take care of? If that’s true I’d run I can’t be with a man who don’t take care of his kids. Savannah knows who she married, but he got money and seems like a good dad. She ain’t going no where. No woman deserves to be cheated on, but fool me once shame on you, fool me a dozen times shame on my dumb ass 😂

  4. Lebron may CHEAT but it ain’t OUT in the Main Media. Because Denzel cheated for years with Sanaa Lathan but No Main Media spoke of it

  5. This is a lot chile. My gosh!

    No shade or anything, but do y’all need a proofreader? The lack of punctuations and run on paragraphs made it a little difficult to read.

  6. I really feel punctuation should be added to long written pieces, I had to read over and over until I got what I read. I don’t believe kelsey shot Meg and meg is not even talented to be here so meg can be gone sooner rather than later.

  7. They may not apologize to Tory but Megan will be finished, even if the industry continues to back her- nobody (fan wise) will fuck with her anymore. But on another note weren’t you the one who said that this allegedly was a humiliation ritual? What happened to that? Because sis didn’t blow up AT ALL.
    Sigh weren’t you the one who said that Nicki just kick started another hate train by forcing people to help her husband? And that Irving told everybody that she’s done? And now it’s “the hate train no longer in effect”? Y’all need to pick a side bc Nicki apparently been done since 2017 according to y’all and the industry – that’s why they sabotaged her during Queen right? With all the bad press – according to you? Maybe and just maybe the industry realized that the lawsuit is a bunch of BS and doesn’t hold any weight, ever thought about that?
    Not even gonna go into detail about Cardi but sounds like they are desperately trying to make her the IT girl „again“ – didn’t you say the album was done? What’s stopping her, Huh? Her 30th face surgery?

  8. Either Cardi is gonna drop or not. I’m over it honestly she’s everywhere yet no new music.
    Khloe should probably disappear
    Meg is just holding on for relevancy

  9. Kanye and Tristan aint shit for what they’re both doing. They need to leave those women alone and stop making fools out of themselves.

  10. Trust me we all know Tristan is trash. And it didn’t take a famous or non famous woman to show he is a serial cheater. His actions scream it.

    Wow! This Meg/Tory case is delivering more than we thought it would lol.

    1. And Ashanti has a right to hide Flo Rida. With all the drama he’s in with his kid/baby mama, that man is bad for business. If I was her, I would drop him. Ashanti can definitely find another.

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