July 6, 2022

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10 thoughts on “Blind Sugar Reveals from 12/8

  1. Omg Beyonce and Marques, they both did too much. She could’ve waited for him to put down his game and he didn’t have to be so rude about it.
    Kris Jenner took me outtttt, ya hear me.

  2. This is off topic but I just seen an article how Matthew McConaughey revealed that Reese Witherspoon was his childhood crush! Um he is 7 years older than her! So for example if he was 16yrs old then she was only 9yrs old! HOLLYWEIRD IS SICK!

    1. And Mos Def,… and… but I minds my business.

      Rose McGowen does NOT PLAY with Alyssa ever!! They literally HATE each other now! Sad!

  3. I remember on 106 and park years ago when MH was solo, he “tried” to shoot his shot at Beyoncé, and he went on to say how she had shut him down, but the whole time he had the cookies already.

  4. I bet he would of put it down if Chris strokes was there
    I can’t stand Alyssa especially what she said about abortion

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