July 6, 2022

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29 thoughts on “PSA The Blog Has Got Picked Up For Another 3 years Re Launch Coming Jan 1

  1. Yes!!!! So glad G! You and the team are continuing this blog! It’s been my go to for celebs stuff since 2018. Incredible how far you guys has come.

    Obviously you guys are doing something right for others to continue to see your gold thrive!

    Definitely can’t wait to upgrade my subscription.


  2. Congratulations, I’ll definitely renew but I need my link fixed. I have to log in every post, and I tried the way you emailed me and still nothing. This is frustrating please helpppppoop. But congratulations again

  3. Damn, you really was going to leave us next year?😭 I appreciate all that you do. This is the only site I get REAL celeb , industry tea. Been around for a few years now

  4. Congrats to you Gee, Naj and Perri. You did it!!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳. Wishing you nothing but success, peace and joy in abundance 🤗

  5. Congrats you deserve it, all of you are hard working and you provide a good read that my many try to imitate but can never .

  6. Congratulations Gee & staff. I’m a lifetime member so do that mean Wayne World will automatically be upgrade to my subscription in January?

  7. Congratulations!! I’ve been rocking with you from day and I’ve never been disappointed!! I can’t wait to see what’s in store with the relaunch!!

  8. Congratulations G!!! I can’t wait to upgrade my account. Hopefully we can fix my account so I can stop appearing as anonymous. Not sure why I suddenly changed a year ago. But I’m really happy for your good news!!!

  9. Congratulations!!!!!!! That is awsome!! Let me know when you start hiring, I would love to work with your team!

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