July 6, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Hot Takes 12/14/2021

    1. One person in the common dominator is Jay-Z. Rihanna’s doc is being shelved because Jay-Z and Beyonce because Rihanna was going to talk about the affair thing because it was true. Mind you, Rihanna was underage and a teen when that happen. Nicki’s doc is being shelved because Meek put his hands on Nicki. That is the reason why that whole Twitter fight went down years a go with them.

  1. You know it’s crazy… Receiving diamond status used to mean something… But ever since everything about the music industry, award shows,Record deals, And streaming farms have been exposed you can’t legitimately be happy Anymore because We now have to sideye Everything … Nothing is even organic and that sucks.

  2. That’s why Beyoncé and Jayz have a doc coming out with Amazon in 2022 to make up for getting Rihanna’s shelved..when Beyoncé has deals to complete with Netflix and Disney.

    Nickis doc talked about meek putting hands on her and Jayz knew and told her it would be best to keep quiet and he still has him around his daughter. ( yk the Carter’s don’t like any bad press unless they approve it)

    I don’t think Rihanna would talk about her being 16 and Jayz bring pedo at all tho, she knows it be the end of everything she’s done since music and also jay brown sneakily got Jayz invested in her savagexfenty ( she thought it was Jayz brown personally investing but he done it through jayz Marcy company)

    I do think she called out Beyoncé and Jayz for purposely leaking anti on the doc and Beyoncé taking any songs and beats coming in for Rihanna and that’s part of why Rihanna can’t get an album done and she knows they will sabotage when she does drop (I said before, Brazilian navy had leaked footage and receipts last year on twitter)

  3. Look at CindyGoldBrand888 on YouTube. She goes in depth channeling celebrities especially death ones telling you what really happened. The one on Aaliyah, Kobe, R. Kelly and Pop smoke had me in tears!

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