July 6, 2022

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36 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Julia Roberts

  1. Yikes it doesn’t surprise me she gets around. She is not that attractive at all. She got a weird mouth. Too many teeth or something 😬😬

  2. Spoiled, entitled, rich white woman with not much talent but thinks she’s better than everybody. I’m not surprised 😒

  3. Ugh I have such a long list. Do Sandra bullock, Nicole kidman, gywneth Paltrow, Megan good, I have so many more lol

    1. Nah for a while she wasn’t fucking with Emma or Emma wasn’t fucking with HER… I don’t know the deal now but it wasn’t always love!

  4. Part 2 I want to hear about the relationship between she and Eric. I heard there were major issues between them.

  5. I never thought she was that pretty
    Her sister talked crap about her and said she’s the reason why she killed her self

    1. She is too ugly and not talented enough to talk like that. I’ve never been fond of her or her movies. I can’t even name one of her movies, she isn’t memorable in my opinion.

  6. Always liked Julia but never thought she was a beauty queen, not ugly but just average. She apparently has equal opportunity cooch to have bagged Keifer, Jason Patric, Richard Gere, Denzel, Idris, and Benjamin Bratt. How’s her relationship with her brother Eric Roberts? Never knew Julia was hitting the drugs just as hard as him.

  7. Part 2 please. Also, do you think she is as hardcore with the drugs as Anne Hathaway was ( not sure if she still is) but there is so many rumors from people who used to know her that she was always on one lol wild

  8. you left out the part where bodyguards and former boyfriends say that Julia Roberts smells bad and doesn’t take baths

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