July 6, 2022

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31 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets As Per Your Request DojaCat

  1. Of course she can say the N word, she wouldn’t need a pass. Especially since this blog has no problem with your chicka saying it in every sentence. Never seen y’all call out her

    1. Cardi’ says it all the time and you guys still worship her especially this page
      Anyways Donkey cat sucks can’t even sing

      1. I think he was deported or had issues with his citizenship. He’s in Africa. He was also in the movie Sarafina with Whoopi Goldberg

  2. Well, it won’t surprised me that The Weeknd might Daye her? Weekend only dates other women other than black women?

  3. Actually, what she has against black people? Isnt she half black herself? When she falls, those elite will remind her that she is a still a n word even though she is half Jewish.

    1. I’m glad i never bought into doja cat. I try to be fair and give everyone a listen but I don’t like her. She’s shitty.

  4. Such a shame I liked her back in the SoundCloud days but I can’t support the fuckery. How she keeps getting away with not being canceled is crazy to me

  5. She’s complete trash and she isn’t that cute. But I have to say, she is mad talented. She can write her ass off.

  6. Not a fan of hers, but the fact that both Bey and Jay both dislike her and she still thriving gets her a point or 2 w me 💀💀.

  7. I actually like her music a lot. She also, from what I have seen, is a great entertainer. At the end of the day, she’s entitled to her preferences.

  8. I can’t lie This sugar bullet segment seems like a total shit on Doja segment lol and I know ever since the whole tiny chat scandal the blog hasn’t been that fond of her even though they admit she’s talented so gotta take it with a grain of salt.

    Speaking of the tiny chat scandal I still have yet to see the videos of her agreeing with racists and klansmen and being racist toward black people like people say happened. That must’ve went viral on the dark web or something cause I still ain’t seen it. She said the n word but I mean she is half black so…

    As for the whole don’t date black guys I’m sorry but as many Black men we have seen uplift other races over black women, shitted on black women to get trending, and just plain disrespected black women, I ain’t knocking no black woman for choosing to expand their dating choices outside the race. We doing tit for tat.

  9. I do not care for that girl and never will. You can look at her and tell she doesn’t like black people at all

  10. I promise I don’t like her. I refuse to listen to her music and all this confirms it. She is trash anyway.

  11. She sounds like all the colorist black men in Hollywood. If you don’t see nothing wrong with them then don’t make a big deal out of it when it’s a woman doing the same thing they do. It’s a preface, right??? That’s what they say..

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