July 6, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Pr Diaries The Stories We Used To Whisper About On These Pr Streets

  1. I can’t stand how petty Nicki is. Tf did Chili do for Nicki to be that extra. Even if she heard about the things T Boz said, that wasn’t Chilli so wtf. She married the right last name. Petty

    1. y’all really hate nicki for anything she does they can say whatever they want to say about her but the moment she responds back y’all got a problem. The same thing y’all hate nicki for y’all love and praise drake or 50 cent for. All of this is ALLEGEDLY to keep y’all coming back to the blog

    2. it’s funny what nicki brother did y’all blame nicki for it or what kenny allegedly did y’all blame nicki for it. Got the nerve to say what tboz did had nothing to do with chilli make it make sense.

      1. Nicki wasn’t right there supporting and paying the fees so shush, she can be blamed for always being around predators.

  2. Sounds like the lady been disliking Nicki for quite some time now.
    But crazy how Nicki’s name is being brought up 24/7 and almost always in situations which have nothing to do with her.

  3. This sounds like typical picking of sides that the women of the 90’s seemed to do a lot of. T-Boz if she cool with lil Kim, then that’s probably why she don’t like Nicki. Its crazy I mean do any of these women have personal gripes with Nicki from something she actually did to them? Or are they just upset that Nicki took the crown from their friend? cause that’s what it sounds like all the damn time. T-Boz cool with lil Kim so she don’t like Nicki. Ray J fucked lil Kim so he don’t like Nicki. Mary J Blige never acknowledge Nicki cause she cool with Lil Kim And the list goes on. But everybody acts like Nicki began the dividing. Nah these chicks been dividing themselves.

    Even the newer chicks don’t have legitimate gripes with Nicki, they got batteries put in their back by the industry to dislike her.

  4. Why would Nicki give Kim her whole paycheck? That was the industry idea, go with the elite with that comment. Didn’t Chili and T-Boz said the same over sexual comment to Rihanna, and didn’t she clap back?

  5. Back when Nicki was highly favoured, just like Cardi and them now. I too was think what T-Boz said, I didnt understand why she was a judge on American idol and doesnt sing. Then she kept attacking Mariah while the cameras were rolling. I think that was the beginning of her downfall. She was ontop of her game, started to feel herself too much and then the industry spat her out the way that whale spat Jonah out.

    1. Actually the producers of American Idol admitted in an Interview that Nicki was not the issue on that American Idol season. It was Mariah…

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