July 6, 2022

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10 thoughts on “Hot Takes 12/5/2021

  1. Tristan is grade A garbage. He got her pregnant on his birthday after Khloe announced they were back together publicly. That child didn’t ask to be here, Khloe is garbage too if she stays after this

  2. That TI situation sounds like another R. Kelly situation. A setup and that Felicia lady confirmed it with her MAD ass! SMH

  3. I’m not buying it either about the arrest made in the Avant murder. First of all the details of the arrest is sketchy and too convenient. I believe it was all staged and planned. Something stinks about this whole thing!!!

  4. G,
    Just seen Cassie wishing Lauren London a Happy Birthday on her Ig story. Curious whats tea 👀 since they haven’t been seen together in a minute? Hmmm

  5. That husband killed her
    And took out a life insurance policy
    Tristan is a piece of crap but that’s khloe’s problem he will get his

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