July 6, 2022

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7 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Ghislaine Maxwell Case

  1. I wonder why it’s not being televised. Also a coincidence how this Omicron virus conveniently came out around the time of this trial. What a way to distract some folks ..

  2. Y’all gotta understand federal courts doesn’t allow media in their courtrooms. That’s why it’s not being televised but there should be a call in line where people can listen in

  3. That civil case was never seeing the light of day as it had names like Disney, jayz & Beyoncé, young money, def jam, r kelly and over 300 Jane & John does who were politicians etc

  4. I remember before, y’all kept trying to link Trump with Epstein instead of correctly linking Bill Clinton to Epstein. Maxwell attended Chelsea Clinton’s wedding for goodness sakes

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