July 6, 2022

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18 thoughts on “Hot Takes 12/1/2021

  1. G – you took the words out of my mouth. I had cancer 3 times and NEVER looked the same after the very first time. Even Chadwick, may he rest in peace looked ill. I just don’t even know what to say. Praying for his family and those close to him. Did anyone else watch the show yesterday? None of the crowd looked like they were sad or mournful.

  2. Well seeing that Virgil was at the met gala and obviously down with the goat and Pharrell tweeted that he’s with the master now which to me means he’s with goat Lucy

  3. Virgil’s passing doesn’t seem right, something is missing from the story.
    Mrs.Avant being killed in a home invasion is WILD! What’s happening in LA? This seems to be a common thing unfortunately

  4. Kim sells herself every time for attention. She popped up with Kanye because she knew all eyes would be on him. She needs to stop.

  5. Is the rumors true about Beyoncé?
    A teaPage spilled on YouTube about 5/6 months ago & then they got shut down &
    they were basically saying that “Beyoncé is about to put rumors out everywhere saying that this will be her “last album & tour” (she’s also trying to have number 4 to go with the release) but it’s all fake & it’s all to gain interest n hype for the new album (coming by April 2022) and push sales & they hope it will push massive crowds for a ‘farewell tour’.
    They also said b wants this project to do massive global sales & has went back to a more commercial sound to push her past Rih and put her up there with Taylor & Adele.
    They then said she also wants to have massive multiple number 1’s to surpass rih ( she has several features also coming) & cement her as the ultimate queen of music.
    They said, she will then do a dc album & tour & dc project/doc for Netflix.
    They also said she was said to have got Rihanna’s documentary shut down as it exposed that they had purposely leaked anti & that Jayz doesn’t actually fully own roc nation & may not even have 50% owner stake in it (app Micheal Rapino is a majority owner in it and he’s the dude in charge with live nation as well) & that Beyoncé had sneakily came in and bought any several records Rihanna had on hold to record ( a member of “The Brazilian Navy” 🥴got a few unedited hours through a leak and even dropped a few pics and recordings on twitter last year & dropped alot of info)
    They also said her and Jayz have a project coming to appease Amazon about Rihanna’s being cancelled by them.

    Sorry for any typos etc & how long this was.. I didn’t think it would be that much to type out.

      1. Apparently Jayz and Beyoncé wanted her doc canceled if she didn’t remove a lot of the footage. The footage was said to show Rihanna dealing with alot of shady stuff.. even tho it didn’t say names people would of caught on it was about them and they weren’t happy.

        “A Brazilian navy” ( I guess that’s one of her fans) got a court letter from fenty corp back in Nov 2019 to remove leaked footage and pics they had posted on twitter from the doc ( a few pics and two voice recordings are still around) and it showed how every time Rihanna picked records for the album and was trying to finish it, that they then mysteriously kept getting bought (as she only had them on hold while deciding what she was gonna use). Beyoncé did this on Rihanna with a sia record, pretty hurts years ago also.

        Jayz and Beyoncé now have something coming out with Amazon in 2022 instead, even tho beyonce still has Netflix n Disney deals to finish up.

        Sb..I don’t know if there’s any truth to any of this and why I’m asking, but it does make sense and that YouTube page got shut down 2 days after spilling.

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