July 6, 2022

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19 thoughts on “Pr Diaries 11/30/2021

  1. My ♊️Brother saved a life. Wow

    Now that i see this picture I remember her and melyssa was my girl i was so young thinking they were in their 20’s. Their natural bodies were it. I was sad asf reading this. It was straight to the point. Only 17 wtf.

  2. So if PAC hadn’t been there her life would’ve been cut short 😢. I wonder if him intervening had something to do with his own death.

  3. I really despise these pedos, thats so sad that she had to be traumatised the way she was. To hell with the industry and aaron ugly self.

    I thought you get to pick your sacrifice? Back then it was picked for them but now it isn’t?

  4. Off-topic but what was Virgil a sacrifice because I just saw videos of his last showcase in Miami and a lot of red everywhere

    1. I am going to take a few guess but I think white is for someone who is innocent, and what I mean by innocent is that they are not down like that, do not now that are going to be sacrifice, ans innocent blood, white is significant to purity (and in this case purity can stand for that do not rock with Satan). Now, those are my guesses.

  5. Why does the industry wanna sacrifice vixens? Why can’t they just use them for PR relationships and sex rituals?

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