July 6, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Lauren London Readers Request

  1. Her getting pregnant by Wayne makes people look at her a certain way. I feel like that hurt her career for a while. I’m not surprised she’s been past around, because when she first hit the scene all the guys had her on their list.

  2. She gives me weird vibes
    I don’t think she’s grieving
    Her and nipsey weren’t even together when he died. I don’t trust or like her

    1. Yeah i started having different feelings towards her when nipsey tweeted and said they not together. I thought that was odd he had to mention that.

    2. I believed she grieved. Regardless of them not being together. She has a child with him.

      However it’s something about her. I don’t know what it is. But there is definitely something.

  3. Who is Karen? If one baby came from another woman- then she didn’t have Irish twins …Wayne just had two women preggers at the same time… she really likes to creep at a lower speed huh? Not mad at her. Keeps her shit private…

    1. Nivea and Lauren have hood twins. I have Irish twins, that’s when one mother has kids that are 12 months or less apart.

    2. You’re right about the Irish twins, I have 2 sets of Irish twins. For people who don’t know, Irish twins is when a woman has kids who are less than a year apart.

    1. Mimi is pretty open. She has spoken and done several interviews on how her mom left her for a Scientology church and her dad wasn’t really in the picture. She was brought up in that church for many years and the neglect from her parents have made her who she was. I say was because it seems like she’s finally find out who she really is. She also stated that’s probably why she was with Stevie so long. He had given her a family.something she didn’t have and was pretty much afraid to lose.

    1. Right kim passed in 2018 November and nipsey 2019 march… but before diddy posted those pictures. I was on his insta story and saw lauren and waynes son i was like hold tf up. So i went back like wtf

  4. She could be grieving over nip due to them not being together or possible last convo that was bad. She could be grieving due to the fact that they didn’t have a positive ending. She is allowed to move on… just not with old ass diddy lmao

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