May 17, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Tuesdays Taraji P Henson Updated

  1. I’ve always liked Taraji. She’s so talented and seems to give no shits lol. Hopefully, one day her and Terrence can get together

  2. Michael ealy does not surprise me, those kisses that were given in the movie were very real so that it is only acting 🤣

  3. I remember when taro and Terrance did that I was like they serious as hell. I was told a few times i favor Taraji lol we both from dc and I’m beautiful so is she. Uglyyyyy where no where!

  4. Met her in 2012, she was just awful … arrogant and stuck up.
    Haven’t liked her ever since… talent wise she’s “alright-ish” imo

      1. LOL… I’m not hurt at all, I don’t waste my time being “hurt” bc of any celebrity. But your behavior has a way of catching up to you and people will like or dislike you based on that, no matter who you are. Same way Beyoncé & drake being straight up rude to several people have left an impression on me. I’ve met countless celebrities and I all judge them based on how they treat people around them including so called “fans” they meet. There is no second chance for the first impression. That’s life…

  5. I enjoyed this one. I like TPH. I hate that it didn’t work out with her ex fiancee. I was hoping for the best. I’ve been seeing her do interviews lately and She seems to be struggling. This pandemic really hurt these actors. The only one who does not seem to be struggling is corny Tiffany haddish. She’s getting all the roles and NOT funny but her biggest audience is YPL. I hope TPH can bounce back, let’s see how she does with this Broadway special.

  6. This was a good one. I like Taraji. I am just glad there was nothing posted about her getting involved in the wicked reindeer games of the elites. Keep pushing Taraji. Don’t let them get you.

  7. It must’ve been done treasure troll looking execs that said my boo Taraji was ugly. She is pretty. Resembles Eartha Kitt. She has a slight edge but she has to in the line of work she’s in. I love her. She’s a good actress & keeps a relatively low profile. The men she’s bedded are overall attractive. I ain’t mad at her at all LOL

  8. Give us some tea on something actually relevant. Like, why is Doja always nominated for R&B? Why is she never considered a rapper when she’s said herself she is one. Is it bcuz the elites don’t want her to outshine Cardi?

    What going on with Travis Scott?

    Is Nicki gonna bounce back?

    Chloe and Halle? The internet favors Halle, but Chloe is being forced down our throats..why?

    Like c’mon now…this “tea” you’re giving is more like Luke warm backwash

  9. Would the list be shorter..listing who Drake hasn’t been with?

    I have a feeling Chloe is being set up to date Drake shortly ( she declared him as her ultimate crush) and they will continue to push her down our throats and soon enough the new bey & jay will be created. 🤮

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