July 2, 2022

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42 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Diana Ross

    1. number 1 How would you know? 2 No person has 100% truth that is why they call them rumors. However The rumors I put I get from people from that era that I can speak to and if they tell me they believe that then I go with it How dare you come on here and try to correct my tea that I am giving to customers Take that shit somewhere else I give what my sources say they believe to be true. Did you roll with Diana Ross? No you about to be out of here is what you about to be

  1. Whew chile!!! Yes I would definitely like more!!! Is her son Evan fathered by Michael? Because JUST LOOK AT HIM!!! 😂

  2. Yoooo…can yall find the recordings of Michael talking in his REAL voice? I heard in on something some years ago but can’t remember on where. As for Diana…..it’s funny how she’s the only Supreme still here🤔

  3. The Jackson credit wasn’t her fault that was Gordy’s idea. She actually bullied Berry, and because he executive produced he iced Stephanie. Stephanie got the last laugh because critics tore The Wiz to shreds and pointed out Diana was too old to be believable.

  4. Welp, Mike didn’t call her “Dirty Diana” for nothing 🤷🏾‍♀️. And YES there were plenty of men and women who could sing Diana under the table lol. And NO Grammys? Just goes to show you awards mean nothing. There are many legends who don’t have a Grammy and it makes them no less the true legend that they are. Part 2 please lol!

  5. Diana can’t sing or act. She’s not cute & both she & her daughter Tracy are hoes..like mother like daughter🤣

  6. No. This is bullshit G. Why are you calling her a bitch and a whore? That’s mad disrespectful and you deserve every piece of karma you get. I hope Tracee finds you and beats your ass. She worked her ass off to become a star. Those songs didn’t become #1 because of who she slept with. The Supremes weren’t one of the biggest acts in the world because of who she slept with. Just stop. She slept with one man, Barry Gordy. He was the top. You don’t sleep your way to the top if you start at the top. Where’s the smoke for Berry Gordy preying on young women… a whole married man. Stop with the names and shame on you for tearing down a black woman who paid her dues. This is just low vibrational and ratchet.

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